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This page is separate from the Programming Wiki. It is intended to be a reference for various software downloads.


If you are on this page because I refered you on a forum, what ever you wanted is linked here.


Live CDs


  • Ubuntu - Ubuntu get the Ubuntu live disks, and the alternative disk
  • GParted - GParted can partition and format your hard disk
  • Clonezilla - Image a drive or partition and restore with this handy disk.
  • Gparted + Clonzilla - GParted and Clonezilla can partition, format and take images and restore you hard disk
  • Super Grub Disk - Super Grub Disk can recreate Grub, and fix the MBR for Windows among many other things
  • Derik's Boot and Nuke - Wipe a drive, usually not needed
  • Live CD list - Various live cd's for many purposes




  • Get Deb
  • RemasterSys - Create your own distro or make a backup of your existing one.
  • TestDisk - Recover, repair and view partitions. Also on many live disks, including GParted Live CD.




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